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2 days Sapa Homestay Tour

Tour code: ST 8
Tour duration: 2 days - 1night
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giang ta chai villageLao Cai - Sapa - Y Linh Ho - Lao Chai - Ta Van - Giang Ta Chai village - Sapa / Lao Cai Station
Discovering 3 ethnic people in Sapa ( Hmong, Dzao, Giay people ). Enjoy the biggest and most beautful valley in Sapa ( Muong Hoa Valley ). Trek through amazing rice terrace fields and exploring culrures of ethnic. Vising bamboo forest and waterfall.

Sapa Rice Terrace Field - Bac Ha Market Tour

Tour code: ST 9
Tour duration: 2 days - 1night
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trekking timeLao Cai - Sapa - Bac Ha - Lao Cai
Sapa - Bac Ha tour brings you to the best view in Sapa and traditional ethnic market in Vietnam. Discovering the daily life of ethnic people on mountainous areas, they still keep alot of traditional culture and interesting customs. Surprise golden rice terrace fields from ethnic people which made a thousand year ago and animal market ...it is available every day group tour.

2 Days Treking Tour in Sapa Vietnam

Tour code: ST 10
Tour duration: 2 days - 1night
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trekking timeLao Cai - Sapa- Ban Khoang- Can Ho - Saxeng - Hang Da - Hau Thao village - Sapa -Lao Cai
With a hard and authentic trekking tour, you will discover many beautiful valleys nearby Sapa town, which is surrounded by amazing rice terrace fields. Visiting many different ethnic people. Passing 2 biggest and most beautiful valleys in Sapa Vietnam. Authentic and Non-touristy on trekking trails. .

The most Stunning View - Authentic Trek in Sapa Vietnam

Tour code: ST 12
Tour duration: 2 days - 1night
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rice paddy fieldLao Cai - Sapa - Saxeng - CanHo - Suoi Thau - Kim Ngan - Mong Xoa - Sapa - Lao Cai
Stunning View - Authentic Trek in Sapa offers you to remote villages with amazing view from rice terrace fields, meeting friendly ethnic people. A treking tour near China and possible see a china town from the village.. Which is not or less touristy on trekking way and new trekking tour in Sapa araea

Sapa Authentic Rice Terrace Fields - Ethnic people Tour

Tour code: ST 13
Tour duration: 2 days - 1night
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matra villageLao Cai - Sapa - Suoi Ho - Giang Cha - Taphin - Saxeng - Hau Thao - Sapa - Lao Cai
Sapa Original trek brings you ro great rice terrace field was made by ethnic groups on mountainous in long time ago, the Asian culture is water rice so it is very important for them and mainly food can not lack in their life, they plant 1,2 or 3 crops in year.
What to see: Coming to this trip you will enjoy amazing rice terrace field every where in Sapa, small waterfall, discovering the strange cultures of Hmong and Dzao minority peoples. few tourists on the trails, less touristy and faraway touristy area. Authentic villages...

Authentic Trekking Tour in Sapa - Vietnam

Tour code: ST15
Tour duration: 2 days - 1night
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 Rice paddy fields in sapaSapa - Suoi Ho - Giang Cha - Suoi Thau - Phin Ho- Ban Khoang
Authentic trekking tour with Sapa Original Trek brings you to one of best place for rice paddy fields in Vietnam with colorful ethnic people. Trek through many villages and valley. A quiet area and faraway touristy area. Discovering traditional Hmong and Dzao ethnice people, water rice terrace in Vietnam.
What to see: Discovering 2 ethnic people and beautiful rice paddy fields, bamboo forest, few tourists on the villages, enjoy traditional local foods and beautiful rice terrace fields on many different valleys. Weaving and dying it with indigo plant, overnight traditional wooden house of Dzao ethnic people... ( Easy Trekking tour for children and people don‘t walk a lot )

Authentic Tour in Sapa ( Waterfalls - Heaven Gate - Rice Paddy - Villages )

Tour code: ST16
Tour duration: 2 days - 1night
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 Sapa - Suoi Ho - Giang Cha - Suoi Thau - Phin Ho - Love and Silver waterfall - Heaven Gate - Sapa
The Autehntic tour offers authentic villages and basic life of Hmong and Dzao ethnic people, trek through beautiful rice paddy fields and the villages on high mountain and Bamboo, National park, Love and Silver waterfalls. Few visitors in the villages and trails. Panoramas of many valleys. 

A hard and authentic trekking tour in Sapa ( cheapest private tour )

Tour code: ST16 New
Tour duration: 2 days - 1 night
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Sapa – Hau Chu Ngai – Ban Pho village - Tavan - Chai San village – Sapa
What to Expect: This is the cheapest private tour but you will exploring the most beautiful place in Sapa with stunning view of rice terrace fields and Hmong, Dzao, Giay ethnic people. Enjoy traditional food and discovering real authentic places. It is also Hard Trekking Tour, few visitors on day 1 and it is abit touristy but not too much on day 2