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Authentic Tour in Sapa ( Waterfalls - Heaven Gate - Rice Paddy - Villages )

Tour code: ST16
Tour duration: 2 days - 1night
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 Sapa - Suoi Ho - Giang Cha - Suoi Thau - Phin Ho - Love and Silver waterfall - Heaven Gate - Sapa
The Autehntic tour offers authentic villages and basic life of Hmong and Dzao ethnic people, trek through beautiful rice paddy fields and the villages on high mountain and Bamboo, National park, Love and Silver waterfalls. Few visitors in the villages and trails. Panoramas of many valleys. 

The Most Authentic Trekking Tour in Sapa

Tour code: ST 22
Tour duration: 3 days - 2 nights
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 Sapa - Suoi Ho - Can Ho - Suoi Thau - Kim Ngan - Mong Xoa - Sapa
The most authentic trekking tour with Sapa Original Trek, you will visit beautiful places, very authentic and basic villages, faraway touristy area with few or no touristy on the original trails. Trek through nice rice terrace fields and river and near China, possible swimming in the river. Overnight simple wooden house with traditional culture. This is a hard trekking tour and cross 2 beautiful pass in Sapa

4 Days Sapa Trekking Tour

Tour code: ST 24
Tour duration: 4 days - 3 nights
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 Sapa - Suoi Ho - Ta Phin - Suoi Thau- Kim Ngan - Mong Xoa - Ban Khoang - Sapa
Sapa Original Trek brings you to the most authentic and wild place in Sapa with few or no tourists on the villages. Beautiful landscape with jungle and rice terrace fields. Discovering basic life of Black and Green Hmong and Red Dzao ethnic people. This is hard trekking tour and for who prefer adventure and discovering.

A Beautiful Rice Terrace Fields Tour in Sapa

Tour code: ST 25
Tour duration: 4 days - 3 nights
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 Sapa - Suoi Ho- Can Ho - Sin Chai - Chai San - Giang Ta Chai villages - Sapa
You will visit beautiful rice terrace fields and waterfalls, trek through bamboo jungle. Exlporing 3 ethnic people in Sapa area with traditional culture. Weaving as dyeing clothes with hemp and indigo plant ( Hmong, Giay, Dzao ethnic people ). Few visitors on the trails and villages with wild land.

A hard and authentic trekking tour in Sapa ( cheapest private tour )

Tour code: ST16 New
Tour duration: 2 days - 1 night
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Sapa – Hau Chu Ngai – Ban Pho village - Tavan - Chai San village – Sapa
What to Expect: This is the cheapest private tour but you will exploring the most beautiful place in Sapa with stunning view of rice terrace fields and Hmong, Dzao, Giay ethnic people. Enjoy traditional food and discovering real authentic places. It is also Hard Trekking Tour, few visitors on day 1 and it is abit touristy but not too much on day 2
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